The Mona Lisa. It's worth a trip to the Louvre if you don't see any other piece. Books have already been written trying to describe the quality of light and the uncanny realness emanating from her. But no one has mentioned the startling phenomenon that happens when one walks in front of the painting from side-to-side. First of all because one seldom has the opportunity to do this; i.e. the crowds prohibit such movement. And secondly because holograms are a recent invention. Her eyes and expression follow one, just like a hologram. If one thinks this is common in portraits, check out a large national gallery. The Mona Lisa has what is known as the transmissive presence enfolded within.

Also, the esoteric representation of Osiris/Horus, God of Resurrection (under the name of Bes) is well worth seeing. The Venus de Milo and the Winged Victory are more than worthy of mention. However, the statue of Accroupi, the Scribe, is truly the one masterpiece, that were it to be deciphered, would give one a direct link into the schools of initiation, past and present. For it is the work of one who was more than a master of repetition. This is a rare example of initiation through transmission of presence.