At Rheims every flying buttress houses an angel, where most cathedrals have saints and bishops. From an artist's viewpoint, angels open another degree of freedom in working. Saints always have to be holding their symbols of authority or sainthood. Angels don't have to prove anything; they can simply be. Angels can be expressions of more universal values. In fact the most famous and favorite angel in the collection is called the Smiling Angel. Does this instinctive gravitation toward such expressions reflect a basic human need? After all, what is the real essence of a being radiating benevolence and compassion? And why is it given precedence over all other forms, instantly recognizable to any member of the human race, irrespective of circumstance or background? And isn't it even more true to say that all of life on the planet (and perhaps beyond it) responds to this impulse in the same way? Does such an impulse convey a more accurate and essential focus towards which all life in the universe could be travelling in order to realize its innate potential more completely? Is the fearful and violent struggle for survival only a localized anomaly which is a special state of learning allowed for within the limitless possibilities of Transcendent Love? Perhaps at this point there is no one to ask but the one-who-is- asking, n'est pas?!.