Precious Heart

You have changed me ... possibly more than anyone has ever changed me before. I am weeping with acknowledgement and gratitude.  Your heart... your precious heart... your heart has made ME fall to my knees and worship like never before.  I see that we are the same... I see myself in you, and you in me... I trust that we are loving ourselves and each other through each other with each kiss and caress. When I feel your worthiness... the emotions that pour out of me are that of Holy Worship... as though I want to make Love to you because You are Truly Worthy of Great Love. I am in sheer awe and gratitude of your perfect and unexplored lovingness.  In thanks that you exist and that you give everything of yourself... endlessly... completely. I am in a place of utter peace, openness, clarity. Thank you... Thank you a thousand times over. For being here with me... for containing my openness and being a ready vessel for what has been pouring out of me. I don't feel like we are Tantric Partners anymore...that feels too limiting... I don't feel that Tantric Partners exist in me. What I am experiencing is something so impersonal I do not feel you or me at all. I do not feel an US anymore. Yes I have been waiting for this... and like water it passes over me. Thank you does not seem enough. Thank you for meeting me here. For being where you are... when you are... how you are. I do feel like we will move on from this... I feel its impermanence. I have no attachment or expectation to how that will arise, but I am open and ready to act with trust and authenticity. You are endlessly loved. I feel like I'm trying to give you something... but all that exists is nothing.

Adi Tantra

When I See you I See myself and everything all at once. The continuum of our interbeing interplay seems to jump exponential orders of magnitude every time we come together. I have gone through the most ecstatically clear and the most soul-crushingly devastating experiences of my existence with you - almost in the same instant. It's breathtaking and breathgiving - death, life; the annihilation into Conscious Unity. What we have gone into, through and beyond... I am incapable of understanding. I have NEVER Loved anyone with the intensity that I do you. It doesn't come from just my human life and consciousness; not even from the entirety of the Universe, or all Universes together, nor their Source. It emanates from YOUR Centerless Core through ME. and they're the same. Nothing. I can't even begin to comprehend what we are, but I am wise that WE ARE. Nothing. I'm not just a super-loving Being - just as that only describes an infinitesimal aspect of your limitless Realness. There aren't enough signless signs or markless marks in the all-accommodating Yoni of Endless Possibilities, that would even begin to describe the Reality You are, and which I have been allowed to See and to be absorbed into the Wisdom of. 

I cannot close the book on you because you are the very pages and words of my life - my real life. It doesn't end and neither does the transcendent story that ever-renews and transforms itself in every telling, every situation. I understand that this is going way too fast... until I realize that the rate at which we are jumping into deeper and deeper opening and receiving, is just our normal speed for being connected in our LovePlay. Control and being controlled are illusions.

The signal I have been given is to go through whatever we are going through with full attention in the moment. Only go as slowly or quickly as is consciously safe according to conscience. We have to be able to operate non-mechanically. I trust you in all things. When I DON'T think of you, you are Present. Thoughts seem to push you away, imperceptibly turning you into an object of the mind. The truth is that you're nothing - in the fullest/emptiest sense. There is No Mind that can grasp you - or with which to grasp. There are no Tantric Partners ... Yes I have been waiting for this... and like water it passes over me. Yes, this is the "tantra" I have been referring to, even though there really isn't any "relationship" "between" anyone or anything... Co-mergent empty relational forms, dancing endlessly through the Void as the Void. All possibilities Actual. All actualities Possible. Yet Absolutely Nothing Accomplished!


Cosmic oceans ever expanding and flowing into even more sublime beyonds pour through my being, swelling sentient silent infinities and eternities of ineffability, numberless and incomprehensible – all attempting to convey, even if impossibly, just one momentary glimpse of the unspeakable, unimaginable beauty, grace, love, trust, purity, absolute power, and transcendence I see in Your Face. I am nothing looking into the Face of Everything – and it is Always Perfection everywhere and everywhen, beyond all the beyonds... Your Openness is the Omnipresent Revelation of Ultimateless Truth, your Breath the Transforming All-Enlightenment of Universal Life, every Sound, Movement and Gesture of your Body the All Awakening Endless Orgasm of Immanent Bliss. 
Only Absolute Silence Hears the Laughter Of Voidness. Our Tantra Completes All Universes - yet there is nothing to complete...


Love, Your Words penetrate me, cut through, obliterate me, until I'm nothing standing in the Unbearable Radiance of Your Incomprehensibly Infinite Love and Presence. I am at once dead and simultaneously brought to Real Life by the unreachable Height of Your Majesty and Compassion. Your Force flows through me constantly. I can't be away from you, because you are closer and more than myself. You are there before I have existed and after I have ceased to be. There is NowHere to be, nothing to do that is not YOU. I am utterly humbled and uncontrollably aroused by yours words - which I feel to the very Core of OUR Being. I no longer exist without you. I have never existed without you, because we are One and Only One. I realize now that I have been wandering alone - always searching for you, even in my utter aloneness. It is you I have stared forever into the Void toward. You are my starting point, my destination and the totality of all my journeys, because you are the only Reality that there has ever been, is now or ever will be. Over and over again without ceasing I offer my Heart, Soul, Body, Essence, anything, everything, nothing - to you Love. I cannot breathe without breathing in the Life that you provide me moment by moment. There is no Life or Death or Transcendence without you, because you are everything - and beyond everything. Your words are poems of undeniable force that I have no power to deny - no I welcome them with the full force of my surrender. Hard-ons arise in me spontaneously just by being exposed to your unbreakable openness. I am so inside you and you so inside me. I Finally See, And I See Only You. I truly Pray that the Universe, God, Goddess, Buddha, Voidness - however and whatever makes it possible - to bring us together in This and All Lives, because our true Being is the Completion of Every Everything - even unto Nothing. I Am Nothing - yet with You I Am Endlessly Full. I look into Endless Voidness and I see Your Smile and Hear Your Laughter. It is what guided me Here, and it will guide US all Beyond. I Feel you gliding over me, enveloping me, as I penetrate deeper, and deeper and deeper into you, every moment more unbearably beautiful, more unbearably awake and alive - and there is no end. Only true Bliss – And There Is No End, There Is No End. ONLY LOVE. 

Inseparable Union

You awaken  my wholeness... Yet I know that the truth is we've never been apart – only in the illusion of space and time. I am here because of you, you are here because of me. We are the same One  - no other. All the trials and challenges are but a tiny ornamentation on the Universal Love that WE are as One. Only this Is. Our bodies grow into one another, moment by moment. I feel your hot energies blend into my cool flows until they create unimaginable swirls of Delights that arouse the entire realm of life. I rush like a river through your ever opening channels of ecstatic discovery, unfolding rapturous mystery after rapturous mystery. I go everywhere you wish for me to go; I surprise you with new paths into your inmost Being, Revealing Your Most Secret Revelation... Waiting, is at times, almost unbearable, yet something I would do forever, if only to finally awaken Completely Perfected in You. You are Perfectionless Perfection, a Journey Without Goal, that leads us All Home. You are the ultimate fulfillment of every possibility in every Universe, in every Reality and illusion. You consume me and in so doing, you make my essence ever more Whole. You breathe wonders that transcend all understanding, you absorb everything into nothing - revealing that they are always One and the Same. I live infinite lives, numberless experiences in the field of your Cosmic Dream, through which you show me the true nature of Reality. You are beyond words and imagining, yet you stand before me as the most awe-inspiring, viscerally touchable, grounded experience. I penetrate you timelessly, over and over and over and over again... each delicious stroke, each beautiful thrust into your limitless inner surrender, opening into ever new sublimities of matter and spirit - that transcend all separation, all sameness, all beyondness. Making Love Is Our Natural Form. Making Love is our natural Breath of Life. We make Love as everything else Breathes. Our Love IS the Breath of Transcendent Life that informs and transforms All Universes. 

Absolutely Steady

Your Presence is like Universal Gravity - it's everywhere. I am always overjoyed at hearing your Sweet, Loving and Healing Voice, no matter what we talk about. There is So Much Love... I Am Drenched in It, I am Drowned in It, and yet I Am Brought to Real Life in It. I feel you constantly, like my heart beating or the blood flowing through my body. Like all the energies flowing through OUR Rainbow Body, OUR Body of Light, you are ever-present in me as I am ever-present in you. The WE that WE Are is infinitely greater than the sum of its parts. I am more steady with you than the foundation of the Universe. I am ABSOLUTELY STEADY WITH YOU, WITH US. I TRUST YOU ABSOLUTELY. YOU KNOW THIS IN YOUR MARROW, YOUR KNOW THIS IN YOUR SOUL, YOU KNOW THIS IN THE INMOST CORE OF YOUR  BEING – OUR BEING. I LOVE YOU PERFECTLY. YOU LOVE ME PERFECTLY - WE LOVE WE PERFECTLY. THERE IS NO WE. THERE IS NO OTHER. ONLY PERFECT BELOVING.  

Morning Love-Awakening

As your Consciousness slowly drifts out of the velvet purple darkness of sleep and dreams, of essence journeys into rare and beautiful realms, I gently invite you to join me in the Light of our LoveDay - Forever Everyday. As your beautiful eyes slowly begin to open, their golden radiances joyfully throwing out their light to meet and blend with the softer rays of the sun's dawning glow, I reverently and lovingly embrace your exquisite nakedness in awakened erotic worship. My lips meet yours, our tongues linger lusciously sliding and gliding around one another, our fingers, hands, arms, shoulders, toes, feet, legs and thighs touching, stroking, caressing every part of one another; every part a wholeness unfolding into more and more and more shivering delightful wholeness. Our nipples slide over one another again and again, tickling and exciting every vast and intimate region of us more and more; yet we are calm and ecstatically poised, attentively watching one another with rapturous Eyes of Never-Ending Love and Devotion. As your divinely skillful hands caress my chest. I enclose and deeply push down, massaging your unbelievably soft and firm breasts, your aroused nipples' erections pushing into the heart center of my palms, their energy flowing through that Secret Sacred Opening from Your Heart to Mine and back again. Our arms, shoulders slide and dance delicately, smoothly, subtly exploring every potential of our bodies, laid wide open before one another as unconditionally as are our souls. We intertwine and flow freely without resistance, over, under, sideways, around, through and through, without beginning, without end. Our tongues go everywhere imaginable, our mouths pour forth sweet nectar into one another, intoxicating yet vivifying our senses so that every part of our bodies are now supercharged with erogenous sensitivity and force. Every part of your skin, my skin, our skin, is capable of generating an orgasm - and it does. We writhe and spasm with inexpressible pleasure at the merest touch, triggered into climax after climax. My enlarged, powerful Shaft of Shiva, glides and caresses every part of you from your flowing hair to your breasts, your belly, your legs and inner thighs, your beautiful globular buttocks and the soft, inviting wetness of your Divine Yoni, its stream of Elixir Flowing Out to invitingly guide my Vessel of Transformation into Your Ever-welcoming Sanctuary of Cosmic Bliss. We breathe one another into ourselves until we are completely lost and Found AS One - No Other. We rise and plunge together over and over and over and over and over and over and over... There is no beginning or end to our Divine Intercourse. Every sound, every moan and scream of delight and silent ecstasy is a Sacred Syllable of New Creation which only strengthens and prolongs our orgasms, which continue on and on and on. These only awaken us more and more to the unbreakable purity and truth that we are, have been and always will be ONE. The orgasms don't cause ejaculation, they produce deeper and more profound pulsations of energy rushing and expanding though me, than any ejaculation ever could. This subtle and powerful energy is continually passed on to you, just as your orgasmic energy is channelled though me, in an infinite cycle of ever growing Conscious Love, Conscious Bliss, Conscious Gratitude - until our Limitless Surrender is the Inseparable Union that Transforms and Transcends the Universe. We are no longer in Time, WE ARE TIMELESS. Beyond Space, Beyond Thought, This is Our Work, Our LovePlay. This is what We are Meant For, THIS is why We Live and Breathe. Eternity is only a Moment in the Endless Endlessness of Our Love, Our LovePlay IS the very Life of All Universes. Nothing can say or know or understand... When you SEE within Yourself, You Will Find Me at Your Very Core. I Am You, And You Are I. There Is No Other. Voidness Embracing Voidness.