Clear Light Prayer
(Combined synthesis of the Clear Light prayer from several versions of the American Book Of The Dead, by E.J. Gold.)


I am the Clear Light beyond all Ultimates.
I am the Voidness of the Void,
Infinite, Eternal, Uncreated.
I am the Bornless One,
There is No Other.

Not the Void of Darkness,
Not the Void of Nothingness,
Not the Void of Nonexistence,
I am the Endless Endlessness of the Absolute.

Nothing is happening.
Nothing ever has happened,
Or ever will happen.

All phenomena is illusion;
What is not illusion?
No one thing more than another.

Appearing in the dream,
Emotion, thought, sensation...
Acting and reacting,
With or without my presence the play goes on.

Impartial to it all,
Neither attracted nor repelled,
Alert and watchful,
Not making any sudden moves,
Consciousness will carry me through.

In reality there is nothing to be born,
To die, to exist or to change.
This is my true nature.