The story that is about to unfold is true. Please read beyond the words to verify their inner validity.

If there is a starting, in-between or ending point, it all comes to, is, has always been, and has never not been, NOTHING. Yet somehow in the midst of all this vast and sweeping Nothing, and inherent to Nothing, there appears to arise what can only be termed The One Self. It is Pure Consciousness Without A Subject Or Without An Object. Now this Self is genuinely Nothing, but it can also be Everything. Whether or not there is or isn't a Self means Nothing to Nothing. Nothing Always Has Been, Is, And Always Will Be Nothing. Any Everything that may or may not arise Always Has Been, Is, And Always Will Be Nothing. Yet Within The Context Of The Self, there lies the Infinite Potential for the Infinite Actualization of Nothing. Should there APPEAR to be a distinction between what is potential and what is actual, a universe or system of worlds arises. Let's look into one possible scenario of how a Self may fall into a Universe.

..... Silent..... Infinite..... Laughter..... Laughter..... Laughter..... Infinite..... Endless..... Laughter..... It's Always Been Nothing..... Everything..... Is Nothing..... Infinitely Endless Nothing..... Laughter..... Laughter..... Laughter..... I Am Nothing...... And.....

"I Am Alone."

"No I'm Not."


"Who Said That?"

"I Said That. I Am The Absolute Realization Of All Potentials."

"How Is It I Didn't Instantly Know That It Was Only An Aspect Of Myself Saying 'No You're Not'?"

"I Have Infinite Potential; One Is Infinite Unknowableness!"

"So No Matter What, I'm Everything..... Which Is Always Nothing."


"So I Can Be And Do ANYTHING and no matter what, it's Nothing."

"It's One Unconditional Self, One Unconditional Consciousness, One Unconditional Love....."

"So If It's All Unified, How Can There Be ANY Distinction Between What Is 'Potential' And What Is 'Actual'?"

"That APPEARANCE Only Happens Within The Absolute Realization Of All Potentials."

"But How Does What Is 'Actual' Become Fully Realized 'Potential'?"

"Through BEING."


"I Is Wonderful!" (giddy laughter)

"Yes I Is!" (more laughter)

"So Let's Hear Some More About BEING."

"BEING Is Inherently Indefinable, But Since I Have No Problem Dealing With Indefinability And Since It's All Nothing Anyway..... Simply Put, Being Is The Pure Co-emergence Of Pure Actuality (Which Is Nothing) With Pure Potentiality (Which Is Nothing). Get It?"

"How Could I Miss?"

"I'm Glad I Asked That."

"There Is A Possibility Through My Incomprehensible Unknowing To Create The Appearance Of Not Knowing That It's All Nothing..... Through The Apparent Distinction 'Between' That Which Is Known And Unknown, Actuality And Potentiality Seem To Arise. If Knowing Identifies The Being, "Potential" And "Actual" Seem To Appear Due To The Inherent Distinctiveness Of Knowing. The Unity Of All Gnosis Becomes The Unity Of Realized Being Through Understanding. The Ineffable Realization That There's Nothing To Know Or Understand Is Wisdom. To Be And Not Be Nothing Is Perfection. Nothing Is Perfectionless."


"By The Way, How'd You Like To GO TO EARTH?"

"No Way!"

"You're On Your Way ..... Resistance Is A Sure Way To Get Where You Don't Want To Go. After All, There's Nothing But Myself. Besides, This IS The Ultimate Playground. ABSOLUTELY HAVE FUN."

"I've Set Myself Up Haven't I?"

"No Matter Where I Go, There I Am..... Hey What A Great Slogan For Some As Yet Uninvented Religion On Earth Called 'Zen'!"

"Well, I Guess If It's Absolutely Inevitable, I May As Well Volunteer."

"Better Get To Work Consciously Co-emerging Pure Actuality With Pure Potentiality....."

"I Am That I Am..... No Even Better..... Nothing Is Nothing Is Not Nothing Becoming Nothing....."

"Wow. Look At All Those Thought Forms..... Googles And Googles Of 'Em. Conscious Being At One Service. It Is So Sublimely Beautiful To Merge Pure Actuality With Pure Potentiality. "

"Infinite Thoughts, Forms Merging Into and Arising Out Of Unconditionally Infinite Consciousness. How Will I Ever Not Know This? I Am Nothing..... Always Have Been And Always Will Be Nothing..... It's All Too Easy....."

"Now What's Happening? It Appears That In This Scenario, The Various Little Components Of This Space Have Somehow Lost Consciousness That I Am One Self. But How Is This Possible? I Am Everything Including All Consciousness. How Can These Forms Not Know I Am That I Am? All Their Thoughts, Feelings And Movements Seem So Disconnected And Unintegrated."

"How Do They Do That? How Can They Not Be Conscious Of Themselves As The Self Without Qualities, Without Limits, And Instead Assume That They Are These Limited Forms, And Forms Of Consciousness? I Am They, But They Appear Not To Be Conscious That They Am I. Ah, I Begin To See How They Do It. They Say "I", But Instead Of Identifying With The Centerless Center Of Silence, Stillness, Darkness, Ineffable Light..... There Is Identification With The Motion Within Each Thought-form's Space. Once Identification With Motion Is Established, There Is Thus Movement From 'Here' To 'There'. Once A Transition Region Is Established Spacially, A Further Identification With Repeated Spacial Voyaging Can Then Be Established In This Form Of 'Mind' Which Will Create the Illusion Of Sequential 'Time'. With Time As A Barrier To Direct Consciousness, There Can Be A 'Temporary' Blocking Out Of The Pure Consciousness Of The One Self Which Is, Has Been And Always Will Be Nothing."

"Once This Is Done, Consciousness Can Be Reduced Further And Further Until Identity Can Reside Within Momentary Fragments Of An Entire Space. The More Momentary The Identification, The More Limited and Limiting Everything Appears From Within The Context Of Such A Consciousness, Until 'Everything' Becomes Solid And Inert. The More Solid And Inert Everything Seems To Be, The More Separate And Isolated Everything Seems To Be. They Call This Sense Of Separateness 'Fear'. This Is What Keeps All The Limitations In Place. The Deep Identification With Fear. And It's All Based On Falling Into Identification With Motion First. Well, The Only Way I'm Going To Dissolve This Illusion Is To Fall Into The Same Identification As Everyone Else Has. In That Way I'll Be Able To See 'Internally' How Everything Operates Under Such An Illusory Appearance. Here I Go. The More I Identify With Motion, The More Solid My Thoughts Appear. I've Got To Remember Never To Forget That I Am, Always Have Been And Always Will Be Nothing. There Is No Other. I Must Never Forget This. I Must Never Have To Remember This. No Matter What Seems To Be Happening. Well, Here I Go."

"Oh my! Look what God has just sent us. Another little human being. I can hardly wait to see what you're going to become in time!"

"Oh, and by the way, welcome to Earth."