As far as the laws of mathematics refer to reality, they are not certain, and as far as they are certain, they do not refer to reality.... The most beautiful emotion we can experience is the mystical. It is the power of all true art and science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead. To know that what is impenetrable to us really exists, manifesting itself as the highest wisdom and the most radiant beauty, which our dull faculties can comprehend only in their most primitive forms - this knowledge, this feeling, is at the center of true religiousness. In this sense, and in this sense only, I belong to the rank of devoutly religious men....

The unleashed power of the atom has changed everything save our modes of thinking and we thus drift toward unparalleled catastrophe....

A human being is part of a whole, called by us the "Universe," a part limited in time and space. He experiences himself, his thoughts and feelings, as something separated from the rest - a kind of optical delusion of his consciousness. This delusion is a kind of prison for us, restricting us to our personal desires and to affection for a few persons nearest us. Our task must be to free ourselves from this prison by widening our circles of compassion to embrace all living creatures and the whole of nature in its beauty. 

          - Albert Einstein

NADA is dedicated to the integration of transformational art, photography and music into everyday life, and also specializes in photography taken expressly for planetarium use. On-location Panoramas and All-Skies are photographed to technical standards which assure maximum ease in their application. 

This small catalogue lists All-Skies and Panoramas currently on file. The catalogue of art images (paintings, stained glass (rose windows and lancets), tapestries, sculpture, architecture, etc.) is too large to print conveniently. Some of the categories include images from cultures such as the Classical Greek and Roman, Middle Eastern, Egyptian, Far Eastern, Medieval European, Native North American, Meso-American, African and a large selection of spectacular natural environments, flora and fauna. Every year there are new projects and the list is constantly expanding. Please inquire about the specific subjects that you require. We also enthusiastically work with producers who need photography that has not yet been taken.

* NADA Now Offers Affordable Professional High Resolution 35mm Digital Scanning For Slides And Negatives. Please Call For A New Price List.



Individual Slide.......................................................................$10.00
All-Sky Scenario.....................................................................$45.00
Shipping in Canada please add.................................................$5.00
Shipping for the USA and Mexico please add.......................$10.00
For all other international orders please add.........................$20.00

All Prices Are In US Dollars


Note: Individual slides are not for resale. However, the use of NADA's slide 
material in marketed productions is perfectly legitimate and welcome as long 
as photographic credit is given.

All duplicate slides are first generation copies of originals from the newest professional photographic emulsions such as Kodachrome 25, Kodachrome 64, Ektachrome 64-pro, Lumiere 100, Fujichrome 50-pro, Velvia, Agfachrome 50 and Agfachrome 50-RS Plus, etc. 



KITT PEAK OBSERVATORIES - one of the largest astronomical facilities in the world as seen from the center of the mountain top complex 
VERY LARGE ARRAY - Consisting of 27 computer controlled radio telescopes, each weighing 235 tons, this amazing grouping of instruments has helped humanity to penetrate the depths of the electromagnetic universe. 
MONUMENT VALLEY - Sacred land of the Navajo, featured in many motion pictures 
THE GRAND CANYON RIM TODAY - breathtaking and sobering 
HORSESHOE MESA - a stunning view of the Grand Canyon from inside the canyon itself 
THE WEDGE - known as Utah's "Little Grand Canyon", the multilayered strata of aeons of geological time are clearly exposed 
MOJAVE DESERT - the surreal sublimity of a Joshua Tree forest amid the black cinder-dunes of one of the earth's most unique localities 
ARCHES NATIONAL PARK - seen across a limestone shelf are distant mountains and surrounding buttes
THE GRAND TETONS - beyond the fields and meadows of an old abandoned ranch loom the mighty Tetons
FROM ATOP MOUNT OLYMPUS PEAK - wave after wave of the Wasatch Range with the criss-cross grid of the Salt Lake Valley below 
CHETRO KETL - an ancient Anasazi ceremonial center in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico 
EL TAJIN - the 6th century A.C.E. temple complex of the pre-Totonacs of Veracruz, Mexico, featuring the astronomically oriented Pyramid of the Niches and a large number of other temple platforms 
MONTE ALBAN - the great hilltop temple plaza, processional way, necropolis and astronomical observatory of the Zapotec and Mixtec cultures of Oaxaca state in central Mexico
TEOTIHUACAN - "The Place Where The Gods Come To Earth/The Place Where Men Become Gods", the largest, most influential ceremonial center in Mexico. It was a major focus not only for the Teotihuacan culture, but also for the Toltecs and the Aztecs who followed. 
Note: Scale model representations of archaeological sites, as well as specific features from them are available on slide.
OTTAWA - across the Rideau River from Canada's world famous Houses of Parliament 
GOTHIC CATHEDRAL PANORAMA - a singularly comprehensive collection of medieval cathedral exteriors, which can be arranged according to creative requirements (featuring views of Amiens, Mantes, Beauvais, St. Ouen, Morienval, St. Leu, Chartres, Bourges, Lyon, Caen, Ste. Anne de Beaupre and Durham) 
INSPIRATION POINT, BRYCE CANYON - the pinnacles and spires of this world wonder are spread all around 
PUEBLO BONITO - encircled by dozens of kivas, the heart center of the Chacoan civilization radiates energy to the sacred directions 
CASA RINCONADA, CHACO - built in the 11th century A.C.E., this singularly located great kiva was used by initiates to carry out spiritual practices at astronomically significant intervals



All-Skies have been photographed using a 17mm wide-angle lens tilted at 30-45 degrees to perpendicular, except where special distortion factors require different angular adjustments.

LOWELL OBSERVATORY - the venerable interior of the observatory
VERY LARGE ARRAY - the dish-shaped antennas of the world's most powerful radio telescope formation spread out in all directions 
U.S. SPACE PROGRAM ROCKETS - Icons of mid-20th century space science surround the viewer. This array includes the Mercury Redstone, Saturn II, Saturn V F-1 engine, Juno I, Juno II, Lunar module, and the Mercury Atlas (slide of scale model version of Saturn V Apollo moon vehicle comes with set).
SATURN II-B, KENNEDY SPACE CENTER - along with its smaller companions resides one of the integral steps in techno-scientific humanity's efforts to reach the moon and cosmos
(Also Available: individual slides of Saturn Apollo in all its stages, plus views of the interior of the Space Shuttle.) 
GRACE CATHEDRAL - San Francisco's splendid neo-gothic church 
WASHINGTON CATHEDRAL - the national cathedral's dignified interior 
CATHEDRAL OF THE MADELEINE - glowing stained glass windows and brightly painted murals of angels and other biblical characters adorn the church's vaults and interior 
THE LIGHTS OF CHRISTMAS - underneath a kaleidoscopic canopy of myriad colored lights (Temple Square, Salt Lake City, Utah) 
SHINTO SHRINE, KYOTO - the mindful give reverence and thanks to everything in Great Nature 
GREEN FOREST PATH - a path leads through the light green canopy of an old forest 
AUTUMN LEAVES - as the weather turns cool, the forest becomes a multicolored tapestry 
SEQUOIA NATIONAL FOREST - Grant's Grove featuring the "Nation's Christmas Tree", one of the largest and oldest living beings on this planet 
LEE'S GROVE SEQUOIA - the magnificently etched red barked trunk of a giant sequoia towers overhead
WINTERSCAPE - evergreens are surrounded by the crystalline whiteness of windswept snowdrifts extending in all directions
FOREST OF SKELETONS - the towering skeletal remains of a once vast forest destroyed by fire stands in silent, mute testimony to the recurring cycles of life, death and regeneration. 
PETRIFIED FOREST - 50 to 100 million years ago, the molecules of fallen trees were replaced by semi-precious minerals. These "logs" lie strewn about in a desert landscape of Arizona (close-up of a log in cross-section included).
ONONDAGA CAVE - multicolored stalagmite/stalactite formations from Missouri's largest caves - the fantastic Rock of Ages Room 
HALL OF GIANTS, CARLSBAD CAVERNS - the pillar-like forms of gigantic stalagmites loom upward in this otherworldly subterranean realm 
BRYCE CANYON NATIONAL PARK - a fairy tale landscape of towering sculpted red and white "sugar" rock; the hoodoos 
BRYCE PINNACLES - a sweeping view of numerous eroded rock formations
THE WEDGE OVERLOOK - far below a thin river snakes through the vast canyons it has cut over many millennia 
MOAB - inside a red-rock water basin with a small waterfall 
COTTONWOOD CANYON - the viewer is surrounded by sheer granite walls, shrubs and green mountain slopes 
SNOW-CAPPED MOUNTAINS AT DUSK - Utah's proposed Winter Olympics range 
SNOWBIRD - looking up the slopes of a wintery mountain range
NEVADO DE TOLUCA - inside the crater of a dormant volcano as seen from beside one of the small lakes at its center 
VOLCANO RIM - an amazing view looking into the lake-filled crater of a volcano on one side, and the Valley of Mexico on the other 
AGUA AZUL WATERFALLS - a lush jungle setting alongside an awe-inspiring series of waterfalls in Chiapas, Mexico 
CASCADES - a series of waterfalls roars toward the viewer through a narrow gorge 
DOLPHIN FOUNTAIN - a mythical figure stands atop the tails of three dolphins in a tranquil pool that is encircled by blazing red flowers and cool green-leafed trees 
SCULPTURE GARDEN - classical sculptures peek out from behind trees, bushes and shrubs 
FLOWER GARDEN - colorful blossoms and green boughs above create a fragrant, sunny atmosphere 
ROSE SHOWER - lovely rose petals floating in space
CUMULUS CLOUDS - a sweeping panorama of this particular cloud formation 
RAIN CLOUDS - taken as the drops begin to fall
SUNRISE - a radiant aurora of violet and gold light bursts above the horizon 
SUNSET - a multicolored conclusion to the day 
STONEHENGE II - a reconstruction of the British bronze age ceremonial/astronomical site 
TEMPLE OF HERA, JASMINE HILL GARDENS - this full scale reconstruction of its famous Doric namesake at Olympus, Greece is located next to beautiful flower gardens 
TEMPLE VIEW - the lofty classic pillars of a temple look out towards villas perched atop facing foothills
THE GREAT GALLERY - The most complete series of ancient Archaic rock paintings in North America, these superb pictographs of Barrier Canyon, Utah depict the wide- eyed shamanic spirit guides of one of the American southwest's oldest known cultures (close-up of "Holy Ghost and Attendants" included). 
ALCOVE - a sheltered, water and wind-carved overhang in Barrier Canyon was used as an invocational space by the Archaic culture and their successors, the Fremont 
CASA RINCONADA - one of archaeo-astronomy's favorite observation sites 
PENASCO BLANCO - this small set of Anasazi pictographs in Chaco Canyon, New Mexico are thought to represent the supernova explosion of 1054 A.C.E. (close-up of pictographs included) 
CEREMONIAL CAVE KIVA - Located in Bandalier National Monument, New Mexico and constructed by the Rio Grande Anasazi, this secluded sanctuary sits 120 meters above the canyon floor. 
KUAUA PAINTED KIVA - This is the only surviving painted kiva from pre- Hispanic times in New Mexico. Its mythological motifs and figures connect to the religious practices of ancient Pueblo tribes related to the Hopi and Zuni. 
AZTEC GREAT KIVA - Built by a large contingent of Chaco culture Anasazi and used as a community ceremonial chamber, this reconstructed great kiva is the largest of its kind.
KEET SEEL, ARIZONA - Beneath a great rock overhang, the Anasazi built hundreds of domestic structures, kivas and storage units to house a thriving community. 
WHITE HOUSE RUINS - The perpendicular height of Canyon de Chelly, Arizona dwarfs the harmonious structures built into and below its walls by the Anasazi. 
PYRAMID OF THE NICHES, EL TAJIN - a view up the steps of one of Mexico's most dramatic monuments from the past. Each of the 365 niches represents a deified day in the calendar of the Tajin culture. 
PYRAMID OF THE NICHES PLAZA - a perspective of the north side of the main pyramid, along with a view of a refined temple platform 
CHICHEN ITZA OBSERVATORY - Meso-America's most famous ancient astronomical site, a product of the classical Mayan period. 
THE VIRGIN'S QUADRANGLE, UXMAL - The cloister-like appearance of these ceremonial buildings suggested their present name. Highly decorated friezes dedicated to Kukulcan, the Feathered Serpent, cover this Puuc Mayan construction from the Yucatan peninsula. (Also available: a large number of individual slides related to the cultures of ancient Mexico.)
CITY LIGHTS - a night view of a modern metropolis
FIREWORKS -  a dazzling display of muticolored fireworks burst all around the sky


Due to difficulties in certain terrains, it was possible to photograph only a 180 degree section of the view. The three images have been reversed to complete the six-part All-Sky.

CHION'IN TEMPLE, KYOTO - purity, power and presence penetrate into one in this awe inspiring space
JAPANESE GARDEN - peace and tranquillity envelop and blend the creations of humanity and nature 
PEACE PINE - a flower garden and tree complement each other in a park dedicated to world peace 
ASPENS - the vibrant greens of a mountain meadow 
ICE CAVE - in a collapsed lava tube lies a perpetually frozen cave with an ice floor and green algae-covered ceiling 
DELICATE ARCH - is a true wonder of nature, a giant water-sculpted arch atop a very high plateau as seen from the basin below it 
THE GRAND TETONS - the main mountains face-on 
KITT PEAK RADIO TELESCOPE - with ears and eyes wide open 
KITT PEAK DOME - a large dome with several other astronomical arrays off in the distance


These creations require the use of several systems, such as panorama, all-sky and zenith projectors. A detailed description of a suggested projector arrangement is included with each slide package.

ROSE OF ROSES - This is the most beautiful collection of stained glass windows in the world! The great rose windows from the cathedrals of Chartres, Notre Dame de Paris, Laon, Clermont-Ferrand, Lyon, Amiens, Reims and Lincoln are combined into a breathtaking new work of art. Only in a planetarium dome can these 13 masterpieces be viewed as a single integrated unity. (A slide of this color balanced arrangement is available on request.)....$130.00 
LANCETS - Like a rainbow mandala radiating streams of light, 18 of the most dazzling gems of medieval stained glass tall windows appear as in a vision. This sumptuous feast for the eyes features masterworks from the cathedrals of Bourges, Chartres, Auxerre, Rouen and Poitiers. (A slide of this color balanced arrangement is available on request.)....$180.00 
PETROGLYPHS AND PICTOGRAPHS - Travel back in time to the original American Southwest. A dozen rock art images from the Archaic, Anasazi, Fremont and Mogollon cultures dance around the dome. Included are The Holy Ghost and Attendants, Kokapelli and the Archaic Guides, Sunshield Shaman, Buffalo Dancer, Space Aliens, Butterfly People, Solar Snake, Hair-Raiser, Floppy Ears, The Birthing Scene, Medicine Circle and The Supernova Pictographs.....$120.00 
SPACE HANDS - a series of 12 slides showing the human hand in geometrical arrangements from 2 to 9 sided figures, in a spiral, a stack, flying in formation and flying apart. Unique!....$120.00 
DINOSAUR DELUXE - a delightful dozen of those delectable dinos featuring Parasaurolophus, Stegosaurus, Triceratops, Ceratosaurus, Camarasaurus, Maiasaurus, Opthalmosaurus, Allosaurus, Elasmosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Apatosaurus, and Tyrannosaurus Rex (plus more.)....$120.00

Max Planck, when asked about the rapidity of change in Science's views about the nature of the universe and reality, smilingly replied, "Oh yes, science changes.... funeral by funeral."