A Daily Look At The State Of The Solar System
(Copyright 1996-2007, Ervin Bartha & NADA)


Dedicated To The Late Dr. David Bohm

Over the past six millennia, humanity's observation and study of the cosmos has become increasingly intense and precise. Yet the primary discipline of astronomy, and offshoots such as astrophysics and astronautics have continued to remain a vague, remote and somewhat esoteric realm for the vast majority of the human population. Even though there has been an extensive effort to make the findings of space science available to a wider audience, generally human beings are still more concerned about personal security and insecurity than they are about investigating and developing a conscious way of relating to the enormous and essentially unknown universe of which we are all a part. Perhaps the lack of universal relationship has contributed to the fragmentation and disintegration that are rampant in almost all societies. And yet there also seems to be another even more powerful impulse simultaneously being felt by the members of our species. It is a yearning for integration and unity amidst the chaos, a necessity to connect to a greater reality. 

As we rapidly enter the twenty-first century, a great many of us feel we are at the same time approaching a point of critical mass in which the direction of human evolution or devolution is in the balance. One direct and positive way in which the global community can be reconnected to a greater cosmic balance is through daily exposure to it's more local but unquestionably larger scale components. Instead of having a nightly weather cast related to our disjointed microscopic personal realities, why not put the pattern of a day's activity on planet earth in context with the patterns of the entire solar system? What happened today on the Sun? What happened today on Mercury; on Venus; on Mars? What's going on this evening on Jupiter and Saturn, and on their multiple satellites? What's the latest from Uranus, Neptune, Pluto and the Oort cloud? How does all this relate to what's happening on my planet, in my locality, in my home? In our homes, in our localities, in our solar system? In our galaxy? In our universe? 

The means is possible for doing a daily or weekly "State of the Solar System" broadcast on radio, television, internet or whatever other means exists or is to be invented. A preliminary network of planetaria already exists to initiate the idea. These presentations could be anywhere from thirty to forty-five minutes. With a universally accessible database, each planetarium could simultaneously report the daily or weekly state of each of the solar system's members in relationship with our own planet. A totally different view of ourselves in a greater reality could be injected into common consensus consciousness. And with such a view we might all be able to address our human level crises in a more impartial manner.

Truly we wouldn't feel so down if we would only look up more often. If we create and generate that which is immediately universal for one another, that which is universal in each of us will respond. The twenty-first century beckons us all. The more consciously balanced we go into it, the more consciously balanced we'll all come out of it.


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