Chapelle du Saint Esprit 

It was almost a relief to find that this chapel was not dedicated to a saint or the Virgin Mary, but to a more universal aspect. The spirit of the space soars above all personal considerations.

Only a very small portion of the intended building was accomplished, the work being abandoned in 1570. The carved ceiling may be the most developed piece of flamboyant art ever produced. Its intricacies are so exquisite that one rarely finds comparable work except in more ancient cultures with traditions dedicated to profound expressions in art; for instance the carved ivory of old China or the Jain temples at Mount Abu.



The Self-Referential Identity Generator

The overwhelming impact of the chapel certainly has a way of turning off the roof brain chatter; that is, the energy of the pattern simulates the energy level of the field of motion in the habitual mode of brain activity. How one turns anything "off" is to exactly match the totality of the energy pattern in the reflexive mode. When there's no more ability to distinguish one field of motion from the overall "ground", the platform for all motion, a self-referential identity generator, can no longer distinguish "itself" from "all else", and thus by reflex "shuts itself" "off". However these are only terms of the self- referential identity generator. There is no on/off. 

The reflexive mode itself defines the parameters of a particular identity. This limit to identity is what makes the identity generator self-referential. At a certain level of intensity, there is an involuntary retraction to a source assumption of greater or lesser complexity. The simplicity or complexity defines the characteristic "mask" of each phase of identity as "something". Once the limit energy is matched, there is no need for the reflex back to a central source because the limit energy is now identifying itself with its own motion, which is indistinguishable from all else, and thus no longer a limit. Because this limit function is no longer capable of distinguishing what is "itself" from what is not, it can no longer refer itself "back" to any fixated source of identity. Without a circumference, the center is no longer able to propagate self- referentially, and thereby it shuts itself "off". But this voluntary shut-off is still the potential basis for generating a view of self. Of necessity the non-referential self is the cause of the self-referential identity generator. Because it is everything, nothing can be beyond. Nothing.