Have Fun, Fee Nothing...
Dear Nothing/Nowhere,

First of all, there just may be a possibility that all previously formulated systems are all right about what's going on here; but there may be a possibility as well that all previously formulated systems have somehow fallen short of their original intention, which is nothing. (If that is, was or will be the intention.) Nothing as far as formulation goes, nothing as far as manifestation goes, nothing in relation to nothing. And so on, ad infinitum, nothing. Without knowing nothing is said, without having to have nothing say, be, do or any other possibility, nothing.

It seems easy enough. So why are "people" so disrupted about nothing? Are they afraid ? Are they resentful that they're nothing? How is it that there's so much "somebody" and "I" "am" and all manner of nothing yet they continue making each other and themselves miserable over nothing. And nothing is making/not making nothing miserable/not miserable. 

It all seems so trite. How, etc., can anyone claim to be a son of God, or God, or put God as Nothing, Nothing, Nothing?!. Does, or did, or will God want such a thing? If so, let it be so. And because or not because, actually it has nothing to do with causing or being caused, whatever or however the language may obscure from expressing that which wishes to be expressed, if it is suggested that God is Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, then it is so.

It is by no means the ultimate in formulating God.

It is possible that everyone, everything is "totally" "awake", "totally" "pure" "perfected" "consciousness", "pure light". Yes the "Work" never has been necessary to be formulated. It is forever being done. If not so, there would never have been a "work" to do. IT IS THE WORK THAT DOES. IT IS ONLY THE WORK THAT CAN DO. THE WORKERS ARE ONLY RELATIVE ASPECTS TO GETTING THE WORK DONE. IT'S ALL WORK.

Perhaps possibly for there not to have been a "work" would have also meant that "God doesn't suffer as He is said to suffer". 

But if there is suffering and if it is possible to alleviate any suffering, then take on some of God's suffering.

Take on the suffering of Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.

Go beyond Nothing, just to find Nothing.

See if Nothing is worth suffering for Nothing.

Perhaps there is another possibility. Perhaps it has to do with Nothing, Nothing, Nothing.

There never has been Nothing to suffer, there never will be Nothing to suffer, there is Nothing suffering Now.

Do you see how Time is the only that suffers?

Time is our only possession, and it is Nothing, Child of Nothing, Nothing. How silly and simple it is. Nothing is/is not Nothing is/is not it? 

There ever has been Nothing, ever will be Nothing, n/ever is Nothing.

But there is mention of 7 layers of Being, of Spiritual growth, of crossing an abyss to the trinity which is one. At the head of the trinity is the Child of the Father of Nothing. At the foot is the Mother of Nothing. Only the Child sees the Father and Mother. It is all Nothing Nothing Nothing. The Father is far beyond the Child, but the Father and Child are Nothing without the Mother, just as the Mother and Child are Nothing without the Father, and the Mother and Father are Nothing without the Child.

And there is Nothing without Nothing. 
And there is Nothing with Nothing.
And Nothing between Nothing.
And Nothing over, under, whichever, however, whyever, whatever, whoever.

See how all expression is usually, although possibly related to Time. But Time is Nothing; Space is Nothing; Consciousness is Nothing.

There ain't no Nothing to compare with everything. Although if it is, then there it is. There's not yin-yang. Nothing and Nothing. Who make it up? How made it up. Etc.

Nothing makes Nothing and if all comes out of Nothing, returns to Nothing, how is it possible that there's all this "something" around? Is it Time that makes up something?
Is it these poor bastards slogging away "here" on "Earth" creating "God" that's making it?

Don't tell anyone and have them expect to believe it, that if it's all Nothing, Nothing, Nothing, that opposite this and piled higher than God's own MegaInfinity TM  neck length hip-waders, is all this shit crying out to be saved, and you're the only one who can do it.

That's right, you're the only one who can do it. Perhaps everyone is in on it. Maybe all this can be, and still you don't have to say Nothing (3 times even) to clear the air or aether or whatever. 

Maybe the Real World is Right here, Right now, without having to make Time payments.
And you don't have to go Nowhere, you've always been Nowhere. You've never had to come from Nowhere because you've never (forever) had Nowhere to come from.

So you can now see the only payment that needs to be paid is the one made on Time.
So stop paying in Time payments and pay in advance.

So how to stop suffering?
What suffering?

If you wish to make God suffer, make sure you suffer. 
That's the only way. Although you can "witness" "others" "suffering" as well.
And why is it "others" "suffer"? It's that they can't face the "fact" that they're "something" "now", but in "Time" they'll "soon" be Nothing. Which is why suffering has to be repeated over and over and over again. No matter how much there is, it's never enough to sustain "itself" in the face of Nothing.

How can "Nothing" allow "something" to "be"? Because apparently, something and nothing are opposites. And where do opposites come from? Perhaps from a very, very, very basic code that says you must reconcile opposites, or it will all be Chaos, Destruction, Utter Absolute Torment for a Totally Unified Being (God) to have this. So of course there's obviously a Fourth Way, far beyond the Idiocies of the Terrific Trio. The "Fourth Way" would be better described as the "Fourth Method". The Fourth is the Eye in the Triangle or the Dot in the Seal of Solomon. The Dot has 7 bodies. The 4th is after the abyss, "between" psyche and/or essence. The 5th, 6th and 7th are aligning psyche and essence until there is no essence and no psyche, just That I Am (utterly decrystallized, perfected to Uno law). The Way represents the perfection of the 7th body, which is really the "crystallized" "perfected" "Spirit" functioning within the "Laws" that govern the "Work" for the "Cosmos", also called Absolute Conscience.

The "Work" is "beyond" the "Absolute". Without it, it would be "impossible" for "God" to "Die".

There is an Infinity of "Methods" in the "Way". Remove all Methods so that the Way may be "Clear". Beyond Clear. Beyond Absolute. 

These "words" are in "quotation" marks to show "how" the "Beings" or "Laws" formulating the "Work" through the "Teaching" are trying to bring the "Work" to "those" who "are" the symbol of the "Work", and what that means for "them", through their "symbols".

And there is an "Inner" "Brotherhood", the "Inner Circle" of "Man", that is the Word manifest, at least according to all reliable sources, known only, of course, to this Inner Circle. 

All the "profane" are excluded from the "Most, Most High And Holy Of Holies". The Inner Sanctuary cannot be known by those who have not "purified" themselves. There are "Black" Sheep and "White" Sheep.

"Black Sheep" are more likely to become "candidates" for the Inner Circle. Yet, there is this almost psychotic paranoia that the work is beyond all individuals.
The Work is beyond God or Man or Everything.
So be it.
It is the one thing of "Importance". It is, to "those in the Work" the "only" "thing" there is.
And who instructed them of this "Work"?
Why their "teachers", of course. And who are these teachers?
Well, either they were those who were "in" "the Work" or they received their teaching from "invisible" beings or "hidden intelligences" or through "chance" or "coincidence" or through "luck", and have managed to "bump" into these "entities" or let's say "totalities" who somehow let them "remember themselves" long enough to get them to a "Source" or "Magnetic Center" of the "Work".

And who instructed these keepers and maintainers of the "Holy Law" to do that which they do? Only "they" know, for the secret is hidden up far from where the moth and rust may decompose and destroy them. There are monasteries which are inaccessible but to those who have the real "Being need" to "work". These monasteries have "knowledge" through which they may work to purify themselves. And the initiations are "self-initiations" to which only each individual hirself has the "key". And this "Self" is the "Self without  qualities". When this has been "crystallized", then is one able to do "Work" to create a "Real World", out of the "transitory" "illusory" world, as it is. Unlike this world in any way describable. Beyond Space-Time, etc., yet so "familiar". Where this world is one singularity in something that isn't something, which is beyond any imagination or vision or knowledge.
Yes, Folks, 'Tis Grand indeed.
Only the chosen who have no choice are worthy of such a place, although all will inhabit the Real World. All, that is, who have attained for themselves the perfection of Reason, with Conscience, in order that they may sit on the throne of Nothing Nothing Nothing.
'Tis all true, yet why is everyone not on that only throne, in that only kingdom inhabited by that only One?

Perhaps as those formulating the Teaching, give up their "Work", truly give it up, all the bonds within the "nucleus" will dissolve, and so will all the electrons, protons, neutrons, quarks, gravitons, etc., etc.; so will all the "galaxies", "super-galaxies", "quasars", "cosmos(es)", etc., etc., until there never has been a need for an "until". And God never needed to Die or to be Transformed, etc., etc., for everything that never is or ever is, is nothing without ever having to have been created, maintained, destroyed or .... etc. Or to have been spoken of, written of, thought of, read of, or affirmed, denied, reconciled, or made a word of, sound of, impression of, etc.

If there is more to say about nothing then it is best that you say it. All that has been here said is truly, without the necessity for falsehood, nothing. So if there has been, is, and will be a world, and God, Man, Beast, Consciousness, Unconsciousness, Suffers, etc.; it's OK kids, what else is there for Nothing to do? Perhaps just Everything that has never or forever is, has, will be.

See how words are all Time payments. Nothing Time. Nothing Nothing.

Perhaps as those who "know nothing" stop "knowing" all together, then as now, there will never have been the need to have participated or not participated in this "Great Work".

Nothing is clear. Nothing never needed to to be clarified or to be unclear.

So when this statement is nothing in the totality of nothing without having to dissolve anything, everything, nothing.... Then, as now, the symbols, the symbolized, symbolizing have been, will be, are Nothing. No first, no second, no last. Nothing base, Nothing pure, Nothing to transform, Nothing out of, Nothing into, Nothing to go on for, Nothing to stop... Nothing.

Still Here? Well just make like you n/ever heard nothing. OK? And have Fun. It's really Nothing.