Conscious Art

This letter was written in response to questions about the short article on Transformational Art.

"In so many words, what that statement on transformational art is attempting to communicate is the idea that certain works of art/architecture try to take human consciousness beyond the subject/object dichotomy, beyond concepts and percepts, into a realm BEYOND separateness and duality. This is the realm beyond "ego". No "otherness" exists here. In a sense, the artifact acts as a catalyst for turning one's attention back upon itself, so that instead of looking outwardly at external objects as cues for finding out about reality and its source, the attention now focuses inwardly upon itself, seeking to see who it is that is doing all the "looking" in the first place. When one sees the Seer, one comes in direct confrontation with one's essential identity. Gnothi seauton. Know thyself. This is the aim of all such art - to bring the knower to know itself. There seems to be a recognition factor within consciousness itself that allows for the disengagement from the almost total fascination with external phenomena back into an aspect of reality that is not limited by the constraints of subjects and objects. This conscious factor within the consciousness of Being (with a big B) is what allows every potential to be actualized. Because this factor is effectively beyond the influence of all phenomenal dualities, no matter how fragmented or incomplete an existence may appear from within the context of any phenomenal viewpoint, in fact every phenomenal event and lifetime is the actualization of its archetypal potential. Because every phenomenal event is in fact a manifestation of an eternal archetype, and because every archetype is an emanation of the primordial sourceless, beyond-perfect reality, THE ESSENTIAL NATURE OF EVERYTHING IS THIS PRIMORDIAL REALITY ITSELF. Conscious art tries to shift the attention away from the apparently limited and fragmented views and identifications accumulated within phenomenal existence and experience, back into the essentially conscious view of an unbroken and unified view of Self... which shifts into the process of letting go of Unity. This is analogous to penetrating into the very essence of what zero is, what infinity is - and then living from that basic beyondness. This is a voyage into a realm of consciousness that leads into aspects of reality that are truly indefinable to the mind, although comprehensible to Being, and when not comprehensible to Being then accommodated by Unconditional Consciousness.... Yet ultimately there is NOTHING that can contain or define anything - all is completely/fulfillingly void. This is the nature and essence of everything...."