The truth is that the so-called "identity" of almost every player here is assumed and fabricated. "That Which I Am" usually has nothing to do with the accidental circumstances of what appears to be doing the "human" planetside trip. Yudhishtira represents the perfect human potential that transcends even the Dharma to realize the Ultimateless Nothing of Everything. Such is the nature of Real Identity. It took 13,000 pages of Mahabharata to get to that point... Living and functioning from the universally true identity equally incorporates all and everything. At present, in this common-concensus supermaterialistic projected parody of reality, it's hard to write a biography other than from an assumed identity imbedded within the unbalanced socio-biological constructs of a biped mammalian primate species inhabiting an infinitesimal dust mote, urgently and insistently generating the seeds of its own extinction through its habitually feigned, fear impregnated ignorance. All any being needs to Realize the Truth of Being, is to dissolve the identification with motion and its momentum. Co-emergently dissolve identifying in any way with the motion and momentum of the Wheel of Karma, and the motion and momentum of the Wheel of Dharma. That is what This is about.

Oh, and absolutely have FUN in the process....