I can understand how becoming immersed in the momentum of such a huge Big Science institutional structure can inundate the connection to universal conscience. When Captain Nemo destroyed his nuclear powered submarine in 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea, he fully understood the implications of what would transpire if his discovery came into the hands of the religio-military-industrial-agri-pharmaceutical complex. As Jacob Bronowski stated on the very first PBS series, The Ascent of Man, war and everything connected to it is organized thievery, greed and terrorism. The thieves have neither the intelligence nor the skill to create and produce that which they steal. It is not a path that leads to higher evolutionary possibilities.

The fact that the patriarchally-centered military system of control has insinuated itself into the body of human social systems for the past 5000+ years, doesn't make its presence any less aberrant or out of balance. The military would be impotent without all those scientists docilely doing research for its controlling aims. Militarism is just an external manifestation of almost every human's habit to be internally fragmented, which is based on the habit of clinging to a self-identity that views "itself" as exclusive and pre-eminent above all else, which in turn is maintained by a reflexive defense-mechanism functioning to sustain that particular level of inner fragmentation. This self-habit is the real root of all the mental-emotional-physical-spiritual illness and suffering that infects/afflicts such a large part of the species. Its symptoms are recognizable in the fear (sometimes superamplified to psychotic, paralyzing terror), anger (sometimes superamplified to psychotic, violent rage), depression (sometimes superamplified to psychotic self-destruction), fanaticism (sometimes superamplified to psychotic indiscriminate mass destruction), selfishness (sometimes superamplified to psychotic, insatiable hunger and greed for absolute power/control) and ignorance (sometimes superamplified to psychotic unbalanced genius) that has been running rampant throughout the current cycle of civilizations.

Can any present-day scientist maintain an unbroken connection to universal conscience without succumbing to the momentary and illusory survival necessities of unconscious primate existence? I know of a few who have the unshakeable integrity to do their work and yet still not surrender to the fear of the shadow of death. They expect no gratitude for their efforts yet they refuse to become victims of the despair, that no matter how much effort is made toward real unity and peace, it is always subject to the habit of self-disruption. NO. There will NOT always be inner and outer war, or the factors that recurrently generate it. Even this obscure little pocket of dim-witted planetary consciousness will realize the way of selfless universal service, transformation and transcendence. It only takes ONE Quantum of Real Transcendent Love to transform an entire universe into Transcendent Love.

Real Peace