Tuesday, March 24, 1998


I was rather shocked to hear of Linda Schele's physical condition (pancreatic cancer). I wish her the very best as a being. If she is still alive, I'd like to recommend that someone supply her with a copy of the American Book Of The Dead immediately. I know that she can make use of it. (Linda died shortly after this letter was written, on April 18, 1998. Om Mani Padme Hum.)

However, this is not the reason for this communication. Rather, it was inspired by a letter that I wrote to someone regarding the state of interpretation of ancient Meso-American cultures by the present scientific establishment. I warn you right now that this letter was radically opposed to the interpretations espoused by scholars such as Linda Schele and her following. There is absolutely nothing personal intended towards Ms. Schele and her associates. The opposition is toward what I, and many others feel is a gross misrepresentation of the underlying basis of how and why great civilizations arise in the first place. This is especially true of what has happened with Meso-American cultures. I will present the contents of my letter in full, after which I would like to suggest a new means and direction through which the inner teachings of the Meso-American cultures may be accessed.
Thank you.

"I don't disagree about preserving real information. However, I very much do disagree with what is being passed off as 'real information'. I think the article on Tula makes it very clear that the nature of the present exposition of ancient Meso-American (and American) cultures by many of the descendants of the European destroyers of those cultures, is in fact a continuation of the destruction of the ESSENCE of those cultures. The arrogant assumption that 'scientific' interpretation is the only real basis of knowledge underlies the problem. The materialistic, rationalistic interpretation applied to the values of a spiritually mystical people, has generated a view that is grotesque and perverse. The kind of subtlety and elevated development that was produced in religion, architecture, astronomy, mathematics and the arts, cannot be attributed to the types of behaviour that present day interpreters give to the creators of such high culture. I suppose the question comes to 'what is valuable knowledge?' Is it valuable knowledge to attribute barbaric and murderous activity to one of the highest developments of mathematics in human history? Is it valuable knowledge to credit the most egoistic, selfish behaviour with the most subtle artistic creations? Is it valuable knowledge to project our own violence onto everything we come in contact with, regardless of whether or not it's actually there? If the only basis for reality is material fact, what becomes of impulses like love, compassion, presence, conscience, consciousness? If you can't measure, categorize, analyze or reduce everything into component parts, does that mean that those things don't really exist? If the people who wrote such works as 'Forest Of Kings', etc. were truly capable of understanding the underpinnings of a great civilization like the Maya, then I do not think they would have come up with the same conclusions that they did. A pickpocket only sees the pockets in a crowd. A materialistic, rationalistic scientist only sees materialistic, rationalistic interpretations of the world, regardless of whether those interpretations are relevant or truthful to the spirit of what is being interpreted. The communist Chinese have almost destroyed the Buddhist culture of Tibet using the same methods as the Spaniards and later European masters in Meso-America. If it weren't for the fact that some of the high lamas escaped into exile, what would we know of the profound teachings that once existed there if all we had left were the interpretations of the occupiers? We would probably have a view similar to that which is being projected onto the ancient cultures of Meso-America by their "scientific" interpreters. If we only had a few fragments of Christian writing left, only a few crucifixes, what would present day scientists interpret this culture and religion as? Would they look upon it as some hyper-violent cult in which torture and murder were somehow elevated to a high form of worship? Through such fragments, would any scientific investigator ever think of expressing the unconditional love and selfless service to one's fellow beings that was present in the living teachings of Jesus? Is there even a single spiritual practitioner among this crew? I wonder how well an anthropologist or epigrapher would do in expounding the mystery of the Christian Trinity if they were not active participants in living the essence that underlies such notions of reality. To truly understand the mystical traditions, one has to be a mystic. The only scientists I know of who have done this are John C. Lilly and Carlos Castaneda. And of course they have been anathematized by their scientific peers for having done so. Therefore, my assertion is not that the scientific preservation of ancient cultures shouldn't continue, but that the interpretations of the inner meanings of these cultures should be carried out by those who are TRULY capable of transmitting the most profound essence of their teachings - the essence that can STILL transform all of us. The final question I have is concerned with why human beings are so intent on destroying the very principles and teachings that could transform. liberate and awaken them all. I wonder what is so threatening about transformation, liberation and awakening?"

The above letter was written to an archaeology graduate with an interest in American civilizations.

Regarding decipherment of Mayan and Meso-American art and inscriptions, I would like to propose a radically alternative approach to the scientific reductionism of the last two decades. I suggest that an invitation be given, not to scholars, but to actual living initiates of Mayan spirituality and art, as well as to practioners in the esoteric Cabalistic teachings of the Hebrew-Arabic sacred traditions; to masters of Tibetan/Nepalese sacred art and architecture; to Chinese master calligraphers versed in the subtle spiritual interpretations of their ancient picto-glyphs. Please invite such people to a conference of Mayanist researchers and interpreters, and perhaps a profoundly new conception and perception of Meso-American cultures will unfold.

Yours in truth.

P.S. - The following questions and responses come to mind regarding some of the recent interpretations and assertions made by some scientific researchers about the ancient Meso-American cultures, especially the Maya: 

- Please explain the exact method in which stone tools were used to quarry very large stone blocks, etc.

- The foundation of Mayan civilization was not its agricultural system. (Civilization is not based on social complexity, but on the conscious evolution of being. Sometimes this includes large scale social organization, but not always.) 

- What percentage of artifacts directly show or infer "sacrifice" or self-mutilation?

- Is there an intentional unconscious collusion to undermine the true significance of the profoundly spiritual aspect of the Maya? 

- How many Mayan centers (what period) had fortifications?

- What percentage of inscriptions and from which period, detail capture motifs and information? What percentage detail mundane political activities?

- Why is "disaster" the necessary stimulus for the withdrawal of Classic Mayan culture? Is this ecological bias prevalent throughout present scientific assumptions? Is the entropic bias prevalent?