There really isn't readily accessible information on why sex is so important to human beings, and why it has been necessary to try and control sex amongst its own and other species' members. When sexual intercourse is truly flowing, it connects each of its participants back into their real bodies. What is meant by a real body? A real body, regardless of what vibrational frequency and pitch, is a body in recognition of its inherent wholeness, which is at the same time transformationally open ended and undefined. So for instance, during real sexual intercourse at a physical level, all mental-emotional-experiential programming is superceded, and the being is actually able to Be in the Real physical body without the blocks and buffers that have been created by the psychology to filter out all impressions and dimensions not deemed useful for the limited survival routines of human culture and society. These survival routines are within the context of an artificially created world view that has humanity's selfish sensory-based needs and whims as the reason for all human existence. However, when real sexual energy is accessed, all or a lot of the artificial programming is blown off, and a connection to the whole of reality is realized, along with the Universal obligations that every human being has to fulfill. Because the psychology instinctively senses that real sex can do this to psychological structures, every artificially-created psychological system has tried to control sex and to subjugate it to its subjectively low-energy and precarious "will". The only problem is that sex will not be controlled. As soon as the connection to wholeness is made, an instinctive necessity to realize universal completion at an essential level is triggered within the participants. Once the real physical body is contacted, it immediately seeks to connect and integrate with all the other real bodies within a human being's potentiality - a potentiality which appears to be limitless...

The One Step That Goes Beyond All Infinities.

One of the true reasons for Being is to surrender to sex so that it is possible to co-emerge with the entirety of the Universe and in so Being/Doing, realize the Universal Being Consciousness Turning Tantra. When a human couple’s Real Being Bodies are integrated and inseparably unified, their tantric sex will turn them inside out and back again – but now as a new Universal Being Consciousness. If they are in truth co-emerged completely with the “greater” universe, their tantric turning will at the same moment turn the entire Universe into ITS next conscious evolution. Thus, may everyone realize the Essence of Sex in their lives and their beings, and may the wondrous transformational potential of this sublime Universal Gift be unfolded spontaneously for the benefit of All and Everything. Voidness Has Empty Hands With Which Are Bestowed Numberless Blessings