It is imagined by some that "peace" is the interval between periods of conflict and disruption. That seems to be the general definition of peace that the human world has unconsciously fabricated about this universal principle. According to this projection, peace comes about as the result of the exhaustion and dissipation of polarized, agonistic/antagonistic forces and energies. In effect, this type of "peace" is a passive co-dependent of constantly recurring cycles of unconscious cataclysm, violence, predation, aggression and suffering. It is encapsulated within the constraints of oppositional conflict. It is the reconciler of divisiveness, the final defense against annihilation, but this "peace" is incapable of transcending the inherent fear of annihilation. In this context, FEAR is the underlying key. Fear based "peace" is what most of human history has been written with, but because it is understood as the polar opposite of conflict, it will never be free of conflict. Obviously, this impersonation of peace has never satisfied anyone who has the seed of Real Peace within them.

So, What Is Real Peace? Real Peace is not some passive state that depends on "otherness" to maintain it or to give it existence. Real Peace neither exists nor ceases to exist. It is totally dynamic yet is not bound by dynamism. Real Peace is the beginning, middle and end of all journeys, yet it comes from nowhere, goes nowhere and is nowhere. Real Peace is the ground of Reality yet it has no ultimate identity. Real Peace transcends "everything", yet nothing includes or excludes its immanence
. Real Peace Is Real Power. Through the Power of Real Peace, everything Realizes its full potential without suffering. Just BE Real Peace...

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