In a comfortable posture, sit or stand facing the dawn sky. The important factor is to be relaxed and breathing easily.

BEFORE SUNRISE, as the first rays of the sun are seen by the eye, let the eyes drink these rays in (as the mouth drinks water), circulating the light first into the forehead, the crown, back to the occipital region of the head, down the spine, into the pelvis area through the buttocks, down the back of the legs through thighs and calves to the bottom of the feet, up the front of the legs through shins and thighs. up into the genitals, the navel, the solar plexus, the heart, throat and mouth.

SIMULTANEOUSLY while the eyes are circulating the light, BREATHE IN the life giving LIGHT via the body's breath passages in the same way. After as many cycles as seems appropriate, bring the circulation of light through the eyes and breath to rest in the mouth on the tongue. Swallow the saliva which has been transmuted into elixir through this process. Let this light essence be absorbed into all the cells of the body. Let this light co-emerge with the self-effulgent light of Being.