There is a very important factor to be known about transformation, and that is the following. The reason transformation does not appear to be constantly flowing in and through all and everything is based on the fact of the mind's imposed limitation on what is and what cannot provide the proper condition(s) for transformation to occur. This limiting of transformation usually leads to a very cynical view of most of one's fellow beings in relation with this particular limited view of transformation; and because of this cynicism it also becomes nearly impossible for such a one or ones to "achieve" this limited form of transformation. It does not mean, however, that transformation isn't constantly occurring, for transformation is the natural state and condition of everyone and everything. It's just the holding on to a limited frame of reference that seems to make transformation more and more impossible to achieve for nearly everyone. Transformation, however, being the very being of being, cannot in any way be conditioned or limited and even the frame of reference is not other than transformation, experienced in the guise of difficulty and suffering. If transformation is "allowed" to proceed without this limitation, no one is the worse for it, and neither is the transformation thus "obtained" in any way "lacking" in "comparison" with the transformation obtained through any set of limiting conditions. There is nothing but transformation. Simply allow what is to be. There is no injunction on transformation.