May 28, 1989

Dear Secretary-General,
Dear Friend,

We'd appreciate your enlightened attention in impartially and compassionately evaluating the merits of a proposal we hope can and will be brought before the United Nations.

This proposal deals with initiating a United Nations Passport which would be available to every person on earth through the various governments of all countries. Basically this passport would be a commemorative document expressing recognition of the unity of mankind via the ideal of the United Nations.

Either this, or an alternative idea in which each government would state at the very front of their own passports that each citizen is not only a member of that particular country, but is also a member of a world-wide community of mankind as represented by the United Nations.

Hopefully, such a statement at the beginning of each passport would make all people more aware of the underlying unity of mankind, as well as of life in general.  This addition would be implemented by 1995, the Fiftieth Anniversary of the United Nations.

We know that something like this must be done to offset the ever-increasing fragmentation in all societies. Perhaps this is too small a gesture, but we wish it to be realized for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

If the idea is sound, and if there are specific ways which could bring this endeavor to actuality, could you, in your capacity as Secretary-General, initiate whatever procedures are necessary to bring this idea before the United Nations membership? We trust your integrity and sense the good-will in your aspirations. Hopefully our own are in keeping with these.

We don't know anything about politics, but we do know a great deal about the condition of life on this planet. With an injection of a conscious and unifying impulse into the flow of everyday life, the fragmentation with which humanity is struggling may be reversed.

If in essence such an effort corresponds to your own true nature, please help. May Conscience be the guide.

Thank you for being

June 9, 1989

On behalf of the Secretary-General, I should like to thank you for your letter of May 28 proposing the issuance of a United Nations passport that would symbolize mankind's unity.

While the Secretary-General appreciated your taking the time to share with him your interesting thoughts, you are of course aware that, under international law, the issuing of passports or other papers of identification is one of the functions solely entrusted to national governments. I am therefore afraid that before the Secretary-General could take action in such a matter, the proposal would need to have the support of the member states of the Organization. Under these circumstances, you may wish to pursue your idea further with various national governments.

Yours sincerely,

Zohreh Tabatabai
Public Service Section
Department of Public Information

In response to this letter the following letter was sent to every United Nations representative. 

Dear Friend of Conscious Intelligence,

We brought a proposal before the Secretary-General of the United Nations regarding the issuance of a document, either in a commemorative form from the United Nations, or imprinted within each and every nation's passport. It is a statement which would emphasize to each person on earth that they are actually a part of a worldwide network of humanity, one which must consciously realize its affiliation to all of life in a responsible manner.

The Secretary-General was unable to act on this plan due to the constraints imposed on his position by present international law. We therefore re-address this proposal to every country's United Nations representative and Head of State. Please find the time and the essential interest to actualize such a proposal for the benefit of all beings everywhere.

Instead of repeating the proposition, we enclose copies of the original letter to the Secretary-General, as well as his response. We know that there are a billion-and-one conflicting reasons that will disallow the success of such an initiative. We also know that there is one real reason with true balance which will bring it to fruition. May we all find the true balance to live in a consciously unified world. Thank you for helping.

Thank you for being

Only two out of the nearly two hundred representatives who received it responded to the communication. One showed positive interest in the proposal, the other dismissed it with no reason given.