The Indian Classical Ragas

Dear Friends,

The Indian Classical Ragas system is the oldest living musical tradition in the world. Its great subtlety and depth are recognized by musicians and audiences the world over. The root of this musical system is founded in the principles of  the teachings known as the Great Conscious Awakening. The Liberation and Awakening of Transcendent Consciousness through the transformation of fear and ignorance is the aim underlying these teachings. Over the millennia, many individuals have been initiated into the Classical Raga traditions and some have eventually realized the spiritual aim imbedded within the disciplines and methodologies. Yet even as certain aspects of the potentiality within the music have worked to liberate consciousness at an individual level, there has been another dimension that has not had the possibility of being unfolded until very recently. 

Just as the conscious impulses that generated this sublime musical system are seemingly being inundated and nearly overwhelmed by the counter impulses of unconscious mechanicality, a new window of opportunity has opened up for releasing those potentials within the music and sound intended for awakening not only individuals, but entire masses of beings. The means for doing this have not been available until now. There are very few living masters who have been able to cultivate, imbibe and integrate into themselves the essence of the complete series of ragas. Through such cultivation they have reached spiritual enlightenment. Yet the potential for such realization is inherent in everyone. Even for non-musicians, the music can be equally liberating and awakening.

But until the advent of digital recording technology, there has not been a practical means to transmit to very large numbers of humanity, the entire cycle of ragas in the classical musical system. Of course, there is a certain price to pay for such a transmission. In order to transmit authenticity, there has to be authenticity in the recording of the music. And if one were going to record within the context of the spiritual intent behind the music, then the same artists would need to be present for the entire series of recordings (one full year) in which this and nothing else would be the focus of their attention. The appropriate space and time for each raga would need to be meticulously adhered to. In a sense, the focus of attention and the execution of intention would have to remain undisturbed, hermetically sealed until the work was completed. And then the entire series could be released to the whole of humanity. It is hoped that there are those who are willing and able to embark upon such a truly noble journey.

Thanks For Being.